Planting Trees at a Distance

Reforestation is the cheapest way to fight climate change.
Reforestation with native species in critically threatened ecosystems is one of the best strategies to protect biodiversity.

Red Forestal and Fundación Jocotoco have started a pilot project to plant native trees using "Arbola", a georeferenced application available worldwide. From your home, you can decide where do you want your trees planted, what species to plant, and your efforts will be geolocated and fully traceable.

For every 8.90 dollars that you donate, we will plant a tree, and we will care for it for a number of years until it is fit to survive on its own. Donate now and Red Forestal will contact you to reforest together in a plot within Jocotoco's Buenaventura Reserve.

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Donations are fully tax-deductible
for US federal tax purposes.