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Our Buenaventura Reserve is the only reserve to protect species from the Tumbes and Chocó ecoregions in southwestern Ecuador! The Chocó rainforest is a biodiversity hotspot and one of the wettest regions in the planet with a very high rate of endemism, species not occurring anywhere else. Likewise, the Tumbesian region has a high level of species endemism, and is home of the largest dry forest in western South America.

Western Ecuador is amongst the top 5 most threatened biodiversity hotspots globally. The gradient in rainfall creates a variety of ecosystems in the region that protects thousands of species. Buenaventura Reserve alone protects 361 bird species, of which 15 are globally-threatened, the highest number of any private reserve in Ecuador!

Buenaventura was established more than 20 years ago, and with continuous growth we've come to protect over 6920 acres. This is home of unique and endangered/critically endangered species like, El Oro Parakeet, El Oro Tapaculo, Gray-backed Hawk, Greycheeked Parakeet , and the plants Columnea schimpffii, Columnea manabiana, Columnea asteroloma, Columnea atahualpae. Moreover, surveys of amphibians and reptiles have discovered 16 species new to science in our reserves, of which 9 are found in Buenaventura.

Our projects of reforestation and habitat restoration coupled with nest boxes installation for key species have caused a huge impact on the area. We have planted more than 677,303 trees of 27 native species and have increased the population of El Oro Parakeet by 40%. We want to keep protecting key areas of biodiversity, where it matters most!

Now we have the unique opportunity of purchasing 1,033 acres in altitudes between 400-2199 m. This area could provide a safe haven for endangered species, such as three frog species occurring nowhere else. Furthermore, our research documented that there is a tendency of threatened species such as El Oro Parakeet and El Oro Tapaculo to move their distributional ranges uphill. Currently, our reserve only reaches an altitude of 1450 m.

There are already committed partners who want to protect this threatened biodiversity hotspot! We have raised 50% of our goal, we need the remaining percentage to protect the only remnant high altitudinal forest of this unique ecosystem.

Your contribution can go to:

484$ per acre

40$ nest box for parakeets

4.5$ one tree to restore the habitat



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