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Protecting 60,500 acres across 16 Jocotoco reserves spread across every region of Ecuador is both exhilarating and extremely challenging. Scouting endangered ecosystems and establishing new reserves is difficult work. However, maintaining these areas protected in perpetuity is the hardest job that Fundación Jocotoco has to undertake to protect threatened species.

Even though we are a very lean organization, we cannot provide real, long-standing protection without the help of our Parkguards, Reserve Directors, Administrative and Development Staff, and that means that we have to cover the monthly salaries of more than 60 people, the logistics of monitoring our reserves, the census, the expenses of field research, infrastructure keep-up, and the cost of communicating our mission to the world.

Our daily work demands plenty of resources. If you believe in Jocotoco's mission, please donate now!

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